Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

BSBA (BS in Business Administration) in the Philippines

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program (BSBA), formerly known as BS in Commerce (BSC), is designed to produce graduates that possess a familiarity of business operations and equip them with critical decision making skills for strategic and executive work necessary for competing in the ever-changing world of global business. The program empowers students with a basic and clear understanding of the functions of every division in a company, be it in marketing, finance, operations, human resources, and office management. Training in this program emphasizes leadership skills, and thus prepares them you managerial and supervisory positions.


Subjects and Curriculum

All major fields of the BSBA program have the same General Education Core, Basic Business Core and Business Education Core. The subjects are divided into five categories:

  • General Education core: Language and Humanities Cluster, Mathematics, Computer and Natural Science Cluster, Social Sciences Cluster, Mandated Subjects
  • Basic Business Core: Principles of Management, Human Behavior in Organization (HBO), Principles of Marketing, Accounting 1, Business Communication, Basic Finance, Computer
  • Business Education Core: Basic Microeconomics, Accounting II, Business Law (Obligation and Contract), Taxation (Income Taxation), Total Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Social Responsibility and Good Governance
  • Professional Courses (according to the selected major)
  • Electives


What skills are required to succeed in this course?

These are the skills that you need to possess or develop to be able to succeed in this course:

  • Analytical skills – The ability to see all the different aspect of a complex problem, and to tackle them one by one.
  • Interpersonal skills – Students must be able to relate to all kinds of people while leading and inspiring teams and setting them to tasks.
  • Decision making skills – the capacity to take all the evidence and make good judgment calls in high pressure situations is a necessary skill for doing business.
  • Communication skills – the ability to write and converse in English is necessary for global business in the present day, and it is also a vital skill in leading teams.
  • Mathematical skills – a basic grasp of arithmetic and a predisposition for numbers are necessary as accounting and auditing are vital components to this course, and require a fair amount of mathematical knowledge.


There are numerous specializations for the BSBA program; here are the main ones:

  • Management Accounting:
    A higher-level branch of accounting which deals with company audits on a macro scale.
  • Entrepreneurship:
    A methodology of seeking startup business opportunities through initiative and wit, especially in industries with emerging new technologies.
  • Marketing:
    A set of subjects that identifies and delineates demographics in order to effectively introduce, promote, and sell a given company’s products or services to consumers.
  • Financial Management:
    The practice of sustaining monetary stability and assessing accurate financial information on the organization and the operations of domestic banking and non-banking institutions.
  • Business management:
    Focuses on the different aspects of business operations and various leadership theories while equipping students to start their own business.
  • Economics:
    The practice of allocating scarce resources to the needs of the many. Students will also engage in inter-disciplinary analyses of issues through various theories postulated by economic gurus.
  • Human Resource Development Management:
    Defines the human aspect of an organization with their social, financial, intellectual, physical needs and capacities. Theories and methodologies regarding leadership skills enable students to manage and utilize human resources to meet the needs of organizations in public, private and nonprofit sectors.


The College of Business Administration of DMMC Institute of Heath Sciences is committed to pursue excellence in the field of business education in order to produce competent business professionals.


  1. To implement a dynamic and innovative business education program to train business professionals.
  2. To train competent business leaders who are dedicated to contribute to the economic growth of their respective communities.
  3. To develop responsible business leaders equipped with creative and critical thinking skills and imbued with Christian values.
  4. To provide equitable human and material resources supported by leading edge technology and strategic linkages to maximize the potentials of the learner.
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
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