Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

BS in Medical Technology in the Philippines

BS in Medical Technology (BSMT), also known as as Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, is a four year degree program that equips students with knowledge and skills in laboratory tests used in the detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. The program consists of general education subjects (such as English and Filipino) and professional subjects (such as Clinical Chemistry and Blood Banking).


The College of Medical Technology, guided by DMMC-IHS┬áMission – Vision aims at providing a relevant Curriculum and Medica Technology Program in order to produce globally competent and service-oriented Medical Technologist.





The College of Medical Technology of DMMC-IHS will be a leading provider of quality education in medical technology program in the country.


  1. To design and develop a balanced program of research and medical technology practice that is responsive to the changing needs of both local and global communities.
  2. To develop competent medical technologist that are service-oriented and imbued with Christian values.
  3. To create a faculty and staff development program that is geared toward their professional growth and development.
  4. To develop relevant programs with appropriate learning experiences.

Inside the Medical Technology Laboratory


Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
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