Diploma in Midwifery

There is a distinctive beauty that a midwife embraces within the framework and ambiance of a cross-cultural Christian undertaking. Therefore, the DMMC INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES shall give birth to a well-rounded midwifery graduate because we view our involvement and commitments to our students extending far beyond their graduation.



Impart education to excellent instruction and research oriented pra

ctice with a distinct contribution to the welfare of every individual that they may serve. He/She shall be an experienced doula {“A woman’s servant”,) whose role is to provide emotional, physical, spiritual and informational support in all levels of childbirth process.


Develop and inspire prospective midwives in childbirth professions, hence, our graduates shall be prepared for roles both in health and social care that shall intensify the well-being of their clients not only amongst its local consumers in particular but international in general. They shall be among the best available heath care providers whose doors shall be open to auspicious opportunities.


  1. Produce exceptional graduates fully equipped with the cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills.
  2. Our graduates shall demonstrate leadership and innovative abilities in the local and global communities.
  3. Sustain excellence and justness in midwifery education through an attainable quality of curriculum and syllabus in both theory and practice which shall be responsive to the current health care needs.
  4. Employ competent, certified, good natured faculty members who shall abide with the mission, vision and goal of the Midwifery Department in particular and the Institution in general.
Diploma in Midwifery
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