Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology
Batch 2013

Our first DMMC Iinstitute of Health Sciences Alumnus of the Week is known for his dedication and commitment to students and the DMMCIHS community. Here is an inspiring story of Mr. John Karlo Manalo as he talk about his passion in his profession.

1. Tell us something about your professional experience.

I am a graduate of Radiologic Technology year 2013. At the same year, I belonged to the top 10 of RTLE or Radiologic Technology Licensure Examination. I earned a degree in Masters of Science in Clinical Programs Development in 2018.

I started as a Radiologic Technologist at San Antonio Medical Center at Lipa then after ten months, I was promoted as the Chief Radtech.

2. How did you became a part of DMMCIHS? 

I was planning to take Medicine so I decided to enroll at DMMCIHS to take Pre-Med first semester of A.Y. 2013-14. In 2014-15, I took the units for Teaching Certificate Program then I started to work as a part time faculty for 200 students in July 2018. Afterwards, I was offered a full-time faculty position last year (August 2018). 

3. Describe the nature of your current position in DMMC HIS.

Currently, I work as a full-time faculty teaching mainly the professional Radiologic technology subjects. Furthermore, I was appointed as the Manager of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to manage the clubs and activities for the students.

4. What do you love the most about your job?

I get exposed to students with fresh ideas and this provides me new learnings and experiences.

5. What inspires/motivates you with your current work?

I don’t have any grand motivation. I just try to become a better version of myself and I continue to move forward steadily and work hard for the service of our students.

6. Why do you think education is important?
I strongly believe that learning requires failure in various forms. Education saves us from making the same failures while still learning in a less risky environment. Education alone is not the key to the place of success, but a ladder step further.

7. What is your message to the DMMCIHS management and students?
To everyone at DMMCIHS, let us learn on each other’s experiences. Let us open our minds and listen to those around us. Let us face the challenges today to be of service to students entrusted to us. Per vitam totem discere!

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