Alumnus of the Week

Since 2007, the institution is truly committed to its mission and vision to provide quality education and training that geared towards molding and empowering the best healthcare and healthcare management professionals in their respective industries.

1. How did you choose DMMC Institute of Health Sciences?

I choose DMMCIHS because it is near the place of residence and most of all the school has its own hospital. Having a hospital is an advantage since students can see the real work scenario which hone their skills.

2. As an Alumnus, what is the greatest contribution of DMMCIHS that was imparted to your holistic development?

The institution developed my skills and knowledge in healthcare practice, making my adjustment to actual nursing practice easy.

3. After achieving success in your chosen career, what piece of advice can you give to those aspiring students of the institution?

With the school core values and quality healthcare education, it is the right educational facilities to entrust your future.  Truly, it provides value for money in exchange of high quality education which is globally relevant and recognized.

Alumnus of the Week
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