Alumni of the Week

Since 2002, the institution is truly committed to its mission and vision to provide quality education and training that geared towards molding and empowering the best healthcare and healthcare management professionals in their respective industries.

1. How did you choose DMMC Institute of Health Sciences?

I chose DMMCIHS because of the warm and caring treatment of the whole school community to the students. The school offers an accommodating and friendly learning atmosphere.

2. As an Alumnus, what is the greatest contribution of DMMCIHS that was imparted to your holistic development?

DMMCIHS had helped me not just only in academics but also in social aspects. They let me experience that I can learn in a most comfortable and effective way.

3. After achieving success in your chosen career, what piece of advice can you give to those aspiring students of the institution?

Relate to a hardworking man whose job was to cut trees. Everyday he cuts trees     and collected plenty of logs using his axe. But years go by and he continues to    cut trees with the same axe. He noticed that the numbers of logs are not the same as before and it lessens in number, mainly because he was not able to sharpen his axe. The lesson of it is that; hard work alone was not enough in achieving your goals. You also need to add dedication to learn new things, to be sharpened by experiences and to gain wisdom in the end.

Alumni of the Week
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