Meet Ellise

Meet Ellise, a BS Physical Therapy student of DMMC Institute of Health Sciences.She chooses BS Physical Therapy because she believes that this will be a fulfilling job. Seeing patients being able to walk again, regain their functions, and having the opportunity of helping them to improve the patient’s quality of life and turning their disabilities into abilities gives her as a future physical therapist a sense of fulfilment.As she qoutes, “Being in DMMCIHS community helped me to become more open and see the bigger view of the world. I learn to explore things and get out of my comfort zone. DMMCIHS is a community that will give you a chance to interact with different people, indeed it is a friendly environment school that treats everyone fairly.” “I recommend DMMCIHS as they offer affordable education without compromising its quality. They have all the means that will surely satisfy and cater student’s needs. ” Ellise saysBe a Future Physical Therapist!Be Part of Something BiggerTo register, Kindly click the link form:





Meet Ellise
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