Meet Gamaliel Jade Diego, Senior High School Batch 2020 Rank 1 gave a heartwarming message to the DMMCIHS Senior High School batch 2021 graduates.

“Going to school every weekday, seeing the rays of sunshine and dawn of our student life, the happiness shared, and looking forward to the horizon of hope every day—are the best things that my institution made me experience. DMMC Institute of Health Sciences, you became my home for two years. You molded me into someone I am not expecting myself to be and made me do the things that I am afraid to do. You made me realize many things; the reality of life and the true meaning of learning. I now understand that there are things that aren’t made for me, and there are things that are reserved for me, can give me pride, and bring me golden happiness.

DMMCIHS, you instilled knowledge and wisdom in us, your students, that will surely contribute to every journey that we will take. You provided us the knowledge we need to win against battles of life, and wisdom in conquering our fears and never-ending doubts. Thank you so much, our Alma mater for guiding us through our senior high school years and for making us realize our strengths and core. We, the mercadians, would never be the same as we are today without your care.

And of course, our senior high school years would have been incomplete without the school staff and employees. I am also extending my deepest gratitude to all the school administrators, personnel, and the ever-supportive, patient, and professional teachers. You are all part of our lives and you embedded so much learning in us. A thank you is not enough for all your efforts and sleepless night for the greater good of the DMMCIHS community. You are all appreciated and we are grateful to all of you.

To batch 2021-2021 graduates, do not ever think that you are unfortunate. I know that you experienced hard times and there were some academic requirements that tested your patience, but remember na marami pang ganyan sa college, mas mahirap.

You may not have experienced the happiest part of your senior high school life because of the pandemic, but you must keep in mind that there are so many things that you should be grateful for. You are alive, you are healthy, and you have the opportunity and access to education.

I want you all to remember that there are so many opportunities around you. Do not close your mind to possibilities and do not ever close your ears to different perspectives. For you to be able to learn the essence of education, you must open your mind and heart to various learnings and ideas that are relevant for your growth as a student. I know that some of you are still in the process of looking for the importance of education, and that is okay, all things undergo in a process. I want you to be prepared for the possibilities that may happen, those might be failures and some might be success. Be reminded that we all have different times; today may not be for you, but there are still many tomorrows to hope for. Lastly, I want to share my perspective on education, “Let education be part of your life, let yourself crave for learnings, and always remind your mind that growth will never come into your way if you continuously declining the call of knowledge”. Congratulations, all of your hard works are now paid off! I am looking forward to your success in any way, keep that dreams of yours.

Again, I am forever grateful to you, my Alma mater. On behalf of batch 2019-2020 graduates, thank you so much!”

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