Meet Jorgia Ann

Meet Jorgia Ann, a Grade 11 HUMSS student. 📚 This former Bernardo Lirio National High School student loves writing journals and do her own makeup because it boosts her self-esteem and makes her feel confident. She chose HUMSS strand because it fits her capabilities and interests. As she qoutes, “I love how the school management considers the concern of the students. They are very considerate and understanding whatever the situation is. They always provide what is best for students.””I chose DMMCIHS because it is one of the best schools that provide quality education, facilities and good services as well as professionals and well trained teachers. DMMCIHS doesn’t only offer things that you can see in other institution. They have accomodating and approachable faculty that selflessly share their knowledge and expertise that offers big scope of success.” 💙💚

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Meet Jorgia Ann
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