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Established in 2002

History of DMMC Institute of Health Sciences

The school was incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines and registered with the SEC last August 21, 2002.
Its principal stockholder is Daniel O. Mercado Medical Center (DMMC), a 100 bed tertiary hospital in Tanauan City , Batangas. DMMC is the premier hospital in the city with a 50 years service track record of providing affordable quality health care.
The school was a result of DMMC’s commitment to provide affordable quality health care through competent and highly skilled medical personnel. With the exodus of qualified health care professionals for greener pastures abroad, the hospital needed to support its manpower complement. The management, as part of its strategic directives and long term plan decided to put up a school to specialize in Nursing and other allied health courses.
The school’s objective is to develop health care professionals who are creative, critical thinkers with Christian values. To achieve this objective, the school will develop and implement a curriculum that is relevant, timely, and dynamic and research oriented.
Together with DMMC, it is the institute’s intention to pursue its vision to ensure growth and more importantly that this growth truly benefits the people of Tanauan in particular and Calabarzon in general.


To deliver appropriate, accessible, and affordable healthcare to the communities we serve.


We will lead in making the Philippines healthy.