admission policies

Admission policies are anchored on the belief that only those whose qualifications indicate a strong likelihood to succeed in programs offered at DMMCIHS and those who can measure up to the academic standards shall be accepted.

The Institute on her part agrees that upon completion of the course of study prescribed and approved by the Commission on Higher Education and compliance with the rules and regulations, she shall confer upon the student the title or degree in the form of a certificate or diploma.

General Admission

The applicants must:

  1. Be a graduate of a duly recognized academic high school.
  2. Be of good moral character.
  3. Satisfactorily passed the entrance examination and interview.
  4. Be physically and mentally fit. He/She undergoes physical examination at Daniel Mercado Medical Center (DMMC) Industrial Clinic..
  5. Submit the following

5.1.  Form 138 (High School Report Card) or Form 137

5.2.  Certificate of Good Moral Character Duly signed by the Guidance Counselor or Principal

5.3.  Birth Certificate (NSO certified) Original Copy

5.4.  Marriage Certificate (for female married students only)

5.5.  Recent photographs (2×2) & (1×1), 3 copies each

5.6.  Passed the NCAE/NSAT

Special Provisions

1.  Transfer Students

1.1.   As a rule, transferees are not admitted except for meritorious reasons.

1.2.   The registrar in coordination with the College Dean shall decide whether or not the transferee shall be admitted to the DMMCIHS. The criteria for this admission include evaluation of the transferee’s credentials.

1.3.   The transferee shall follow the same admission procedures prescribed by the Admissions Committee.

  1. Any first year and second year transferee must pass the DMMCIHS Entrance Examination;
  2. Third and Fourth year transferee must pass the Qualifying Examination and Interview conducted by the College Dean in addition to required passing mark in the Nursing Aptitude Test (NAT) for Nursing student -transferees, PATT (Philippine Aptitude test for Teachers) for Education student-transferees and AMCAT ( Allied Medical College Aptitude Test ) for Health-Allied student-transferees.
  3. Transferee has to repeat major clinical subjects (for Allied Health Course, e.g., NCM100 to NCM 103 for BSN) taken in schools last attended.

c.1. The College Dean has the discretion on the administration of validating examinations for the said major subjects for exemplary cases, i.e. grades obtained in these subjects are 2.0 and above.

c.2. Validating Examinations shall be given to transferees who have failed and retaken General Education subjects but passed with the grade of 3.0 only.

1.4.   Sixty percent of the total units enrolled in the previous school should have passing mark.

1.5.   A minimum of one (1) year residency is required for a transferee to graduate at the DMMCHIS. Hence, no fourth year transferees shall be admitted for four- year courses and fifth year transferees for five-year courses.

1.6.   Documents Required For Transferees. Once accepted, the transferee submits the following documents to the Registrar’s Office:

  1. Transfer Credential (Honorable Dismissal);
  2. True Copy of Grades;
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character;
  4. Birth Certificate; and
  5. ID pictures (1×1) & (2×2), 3 copies each.

2.  Leave of Absence (LOA)

2.1.   The maximum allowable LOA for a student enrolled at the DMMCIHS is one (1) school year.

2.2.   Procedure to be followed.

  1. Accomplish the LOA Form at the Dean’s Office;
  2. Secure the approval of the College Dean through signature; and
  3. Submit the accomplished form to the Registrar.

2.3.   Failure to file LOA Notice or to secure the approval of the College Dean shall mean no re-admission.

3.  Re-Admission

3.3.  No student shall be re-admitted if he/she did not file LOA or has failed to secure the approval of the College Dean for his/her LOA.

3.4.  Procedure for Re-Admission.

  1. Prepare a letter-request for re-admission addressed to the College Dean and secure his/her approval.
  2. Once re-admitted to the college, the student will be required to undergo the following:

2.1.          a re-orientation as prescribed by the Admission Committee and

2.2.          a physical examination at the Daniel Mercado Medical Center-Industrial Clinic.

4.  Cross-Enrollment

In general, cross-enrollment is discouraged. However for valid reasons, a student may be permitted to cross- enroll in another school upon the written approval of the Registrar.

Conditions for Cross – Enrollment. A student of the DMMCIHS may be allowed to cross-enroll only if;

  1. He/she is graduating student;
  2. Subject/s needed to graduate have conflict with current schedule; and
  3. Subject/s needed is off-semester subjects.
  4. The host institutions is a duly recognized educational institution.

Cross Enrollment Procedure.

  1. Secure and fill up three (3) copies of the cross- enrollment form provided by the Registrar’s Office to be approved by the College Dean;
  2. Proceed to the Registrar for endorsement;
  3. Submit duplicate of the duly accomplished cross enrollment form to the Registrar’s Office;
  4. Present cross-enrollment form to the institution;
  5. It is the responsibility of the cross-enrollee to secure clearance from the host institution and apply for his official grades and submit to the DMMCIHS at the end of the semester or term.