4th Guidance Week Celebration: “Be Informed, Be Involved: My Mental Health Matters"

DMMC Institute of Health Sciences, had successfully executed the 4th celebration of the guidance week spearheaded by the Office of Student Affairs and Services – Guidance Department, as part of their advocacy on awareness raising on Mental Health among the students and other stakeholders of the institution. This theme was: “Be Informed, Be Involved: My Mental Health Matters”, it aims to provide knowledge about bullying in the academe and Psychological first aid which were the main topics of the learning sessions that were conducted during the event.

The Guidance Week also provided a great opportunity to showcase the functions and services of the Guidance Office that are available to the students at any time and whenever they feel the need to be assisted in any unpleasant situations inside the school premises. The importance of guidance and counseling was also highlighted during the program to encourage them to avail the services that are intended to aid in their personal, social, academic, emotional, and career-related concerns. Furthermore, seminars were conducted to raise awareness into certain causes like bullying and psychological first aid.

The program started with the opening remarks delivered by the OIC – Vice President for Academic  Affairs, Ms. Prescilla T. Molinyawe, LPT, MBA, MAEd, PhD (cand.), followed by the introduction of the speaker for the Anti-bullying seminar entitled: “Saving Thyself from Bullying”, was Ms. Kezia Nica M. Bogay, MAEd, RGC. She talked about the definition of bullying and its various forms to ensure the students’ full understanding about it. The speaker focuses on discussing to one specific type of bullying which is the cyberbullying as it was timely and relevant nowadays. She also empowered the students to protect themselves against any form of bullying by being an active advocate and vigilant to what is happening around them. 

The students were given the chance to express the knowledge that they have gained from the seminar by giving their insights and participating in the workshop that was designed to encourage every student to not tolerate and should stand up against bullying. Each section had effectively presented and imparted their work at the end part of the seminar. The second seminar was given by Ms. Jessie DL. Biscocho, RPm, which is entitled “Psychological First Aid”. Psychological First aid was the topic that was a bit new especially to the high school students, thus, it stimulated the students’ curiosity to know more about the abovementioned topic. Ms. Biscocho, talked through about the ways of giving psychological first aid, its importance, and how it is conducted. Ms. Biscocho emphasized that Psychological First Aid is essentially given to those who are in need – distressed people who have been recently exposed to a serious crisis event, regardless of age. As the seminar was about to end, it was very evident that the students learned so much about the PFA and the basic principles of the topic.

Subsequently, awarding of certificates for the speakers commenced and the program was ended with the closing remarks from Mr. Antonio Lira Jr., LPT.

The Office of Student Affairs and Services – Guidance Department had set-up their pop-up booth located outside the OSAS Office where the students are free to express their opinions through the freedom wall. The Guidance Team also provided a box full of encouragement quotes and random acts of kindness to be picked up by the students who pass by to the booth. Lots of student have participated in the activity especially in the freedom wall wherein they expressed their thoughts toward random things.

The 4th Guidance Week Celebration was held successfully and became remarkable as it has achieved its goal and objectives: to be of help to the students and the institution’s staff members as well.


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