POST-VALENTINE’S DAY SEMINAR: Pouring from a Filled Cup

Just in time for the celebration of the heart’s day, the DMMC Institute of Health and Sciences, organized by the Guidance Office, held its Post-Valentine’s Day seminar last February 16, 2023, at DMMCIHS’ gymnasium. This program aims to impart knowledge to the students when it comes to taking care of themselves particularly with their mental and emotional well-being.

The said seminar commenced with a short welcoming message from Miss Jessie DL Bischocho, RPm. The program was divided into two (2) topics. First are about Psychosocial Issues in the Academe which was discussed by Miss Maria Rochelle R. Sasuya, RGC, PhD (cand.) and the Self-Care seminar which was tackled by Miss Kezia Nica M. Bogay, MAEd, RGC. These topics were deemed relevant, timely, and essential to the students to attain a healthy emotional and mental state.

Miss Sasuya started her talk entitled “Be Careful with your Mental Health, by engaging the students with question: “How are you?”. She encouraged every student by ensuring that their feelings are valid. She conversed with them about how they feel and what they can do to address intense emotions that they are experiencing at the moment and the moment after. Also, the speaker had administered a Perceived Stress Scale to the students to measure how stressed they are at the time of the seminar. She also talks through about the common Psychosocial Issues that are leading in the field of the academe today. She mentioned about stress, depression, and anxiety while putting an emphasis on their differences. She also gave advises on how to manage and eventually overcome these kinds of adversities that life throws on a day-to-day basis.

It was followed by the second seminar which was entitled, “Pouring from a Filled Cup” presented by Miss Bogay, the seminar was focused about understanding self-care and its importance. Its main objective is awareness raising about how to execute and incorporate self-care in everyday routine. She also discussed that self-care can be found in different types of such as: physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual self-care. She encouraged the students to have an opportunity to practice a self-care activity or routine once in a while so that they will be able preserve themselves in which by doing so they can also be of help to others who are going through something tough. Fortunately, the students were still participative even though there were uncontrollable instances – unpleasant weather condition – during the program. 

Regrettably, the Post-Valentine’s Celebration was cut short due to a bad weather condition, but still, the objectives of the program was served which are the importance of taking care of ones’ self and well-being. Moreover, Practicing self-care and knowing how to manage emotions can lead to a more fulfilledmeaningful life and a genuinely happy individual that can always fill others’ cup without feeling empty because theirs are quite full already.


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