MAN is a biological, psychological, social and spiritual being who abides by legal and moral principles. His total being is molded by his experience, societal norms, culture and environment.

HEALTH is a basic human right and responsibility of both the individual and the state. It is physical, psychological, social and spiritual well – being influenced by social, economic, political, spiritual, and environmental conditions.

NURSING, PHYSICAL THERAPY, RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY, MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, MIDWIFERY, EDUCATION, PSYCHOLOGY, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY AND CAREGIVING PROGRAM are arts and sciences that are geared toward enhancing education and health promotion, guided by the ethical – legal, moral and spiritual principles.

EDUCATION provide by DMMC-IHS is an interactive, creative teaching learning process utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach that will address the need of individual earner and instill the desire to lifelong learning. It seeks to develop desirable attitudes, knowledge and skills in the areas of communication, health related and educational research, leadership and management in partnership with the healthcare organizations and educational system. It is responsive to the needs of the Philippine society and global communities.

SOCIETY is the milieu in which the educators, nurses, physical therapists, radiologic technologists, midwives, psychologists, business administrators, biomedical technicians and caregivers function, where they perform their duties and responsibilities in assisting their respective clients.

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